Binance Exchange will Block Users From the United States and 28 Other Countries
From July 1, 2019, Binance crypto exchange will start blocking access to the platform for traders from the United States and another 28 countries. The marketplace will restrict access to the site by IP. [caption id="attachment_40438" align="alignnone" width="513"] Source:[/caption] Initially, information was published that traders will be blocked from the Binance DEX platform. In response to this message, many members of the crypto community have said that geolocation blocking indicates that Binance DEX is not a truly decentralized exchange. Crypto trader Larry Cermak said that Binance DEX is a centralized trading platform without custodial service, but it turned out to be wrong. The director of the company Changpeng Zhao hurried to reassure traders. On June 2, he posted a message to Twitter stating that access would be limited to the centralized Binance exchange, and not to Binance DEX. According to him, the peering platform is technically not capable of blocking people by geolocation. We want to remind you: