An Interview With The Legendary Dean Of The Cryptocurrency Movement
Dr. John McAfee discusses the future of cryptocurrency and the issues to be addressed before universal acceptance.

We recently discovered that you have a Doctorate Degree and yet you never reference or use that title, even in your bios. Why is that?

The degree is an honorary degree from my Alma Mater based on my work in the field of Computer Science. Since I did not do the difficult academic work required of most PhD candidates, I simply dropped the title. In any case, titles are meaningless appendages left over from feudal days. I see no societal benefit from displaying them.

You have been a legend in the field of Cybersecurity, you are running for the second time for President of the U.S. and you now have become a Legend in the field of Cryptocurrency. How do you so fluidly redefine yourself?

The world is not a constant. It is forever changing, and a person's place within this world changes accordingly. Those who recognize this take advantage of it. People who are unwilling to abandon what they currently have - their job, their status, their location etc. Cannot ride this wave of change and are left behind. The only attribute a person needs in order to re-mold themselves is courage. I seem to have been born with an excess of that. Read more:

How did you remold yourself into one if the key leaders, if not THE leader, of the Cryptocurrency world?

I was shown the Bitcoin White Paper in 2012 by a close friend in the developer community. I instantly saw the future of it. I merely abandoned my position and status in Cybersecurity and became a nobody in the field of Cryptocurrency. I then worked my way up.

What is the future of Cryptocurrency? Where are we headed financially, culturally and politically?

Cryptocurrency is the catalyst that the powerless in the world have been waiting for. If users and developers alike can see the potential for freeing the world from oppressive governments, control focused financial institutions and, using the underlying Blockchain, from the lies, deceptions and disinformation of our media and various other propaganda agencies, then we can free ourselves. This is our potential future. The first obtainable Utopia. It will be a Utopia that still contains humanity's weaknesses: greed, anger, violence, mistrust, jealousy, envy - but our capacity to create, to love, rejoice, be gracious, kind and generous will be set free from the bonds of those who wish to restrict them. if you doubt that these positive attributes are now restricted, please note the taxation on gifts, the restrictions on entrepreneurism, the laws against putting substances  into our own bodies that please us. Note how our basic ability to earn a living is hindered by income tax. Note laws hindering a person's sexual preference in love. These, and hundreds of others hunder the positive side of humanity.

What obstacles will we face in reaching this Utopia?

There is only one: ourselves. Our apathy, acceptance, lack of courage and willingness to risk the few comforts of the prison we luve in for the chance of total freedom and living this precious life as it was meant to be lived. We remind you: