Amazon Launches Prime Day-2019 A Day Earlier
Yesterday, July 14, Prime-day 2019 started at the largest online store in the world (Amazon), although officially it was supposed to start only on Monday, July 15th. This means that prices for some popular products will be reduced. The list of positions that participate in this promotion is already quite wide and it will be replenished. Here are some popular products that are available at special prices:
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 32 GB costs $109.99 instead of $159.99. This is a rather popular e-book that differs by water resistance, a large internal memory (especially for audiobook lovers), and a high-resolution display.
  • The ebook Amazon Kindle costs $59.99 instead of $89.99.
  • Smart Amazon Echo costs $49.99 instead of $64.99.
  • The smart Amazon Echo Plus  costs $109.99 instead of $149.99.
  • A smart Amazon Echo Dot costs $22.99 instead of $49.99.
  • The smart display Amazon Echo Show costs $159.99 instead of $229.99.
This is a good chance for everyone to buy useful and popular gadgets at discount prices. We want to remind: