A Release of New Samsung’s AR and VR Products Is Reportedly About To Come
Samsung has always pleased its fans with an abundance of interesting products. The latest reports show that the company is ready to present a couple of new headsets in the coming months. Read more: https://thecoinshark.net/features-of-a-new-samsung-galaxy-m40-became-known/ According to The Verge, a company executive noted that Samsung plans to release “multiple AR and VR products,” including its Gear product line which has been in stagnation for the last 2 years. Some comments on Variety also point out that Farshid Fallah, one of Samsung’s directors, gave a speech at the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, California, where he talked about Samsung’s upcoming releases. Fallah said that the company would broaden efforts with VR, its Gear headset, and the AR capabilities of the company’s Galaxy S10 phone. We remind you that Samsung seems to be quite interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Read details here: https://thecoinshark.net/earlier-samsung-phones-might-have-embedded-crypto-and-blockchain-features/