A Fingerprint Sensor will be Integrated into the Display in the LG G8X
The new LG G8X smartphone should be presented in September at the annual IFA exhibition, which will take place in Germany. And according to the first renders, the key feature of this smartphone will be the introduction of a fingerprint sensor, located right under the screen. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="876"] Source: The Verge[/caption] It is worth remarking that this approach is fundamentally new for LG. It is also likely that the G8X will lack LG's Crystal Sound OLED speaker technology, which was used in the original G8. As for the technical specifications of the G8X, they are not completely clear, but most likely the smartphone will be running Snapdragon 855. The design of the new product will be more restrained in comparison with the experimental LG G8 predecessor which, by the way, failed.