The New Google Smartphone Will Support Gesture Control
IT giant Google has shown a promo video of its new flagship device Pixel 4. According to the 23-second video, the new smartphone will support unlocking through the owner’s face, and, most interestingly, perform a motion sense. Experts suggest that the new device should appear in stores as early as October of this year. Pixel 4 will support a special technology Soli, which is a very small radar, and it is directly responsible for recognizing the user's gestures. It is assumed that using this function it will be possible to skip music tracks and calls, turn off the alarm clock and other signals. Google introduced Soli for the first time in 2015 and tested the technology on a “smart” speakers, but decided to postpone the full launch and it looks like the engineers have completed the technology. Well, we will be able to see this in just a few months. We want to remind: