SpaceX Launches A Mission on The ISS, Using A Double-Flown Dragon For The First Time
Yesterday, on July 26, the private company SpaceX, successfully launched the 18th mission for NASA and delivered almost 2,300 kg of cargo to the International Space Station. The cargo of this mission included the IDA-3 - the second automatic docking ring, which will be installed on the ISS. With this ring commercial spacecraft will be able to dock with the ISS automatically in the future. In addition, there was a lot of payload onboard the Dragon ship: research equipment, provisions for astronauts, etc. Takeoff took place at Cape Canaveral in Florida at 6:01 pm ET. The time-tested Falcon 9 was chosen as a launch vehicle, but it is noteworthy that the Dragon ship that had already flown twice took part in this mission. The first stage successfully separated, returned and landed on the landing zone LZ-1. Note, this was the 44th first stage Falcon 9`s successful return. We want to remind: