Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Again Failed to Prove His Involvement in The Creation of Digital Gold to The World
Now comes the trial between David Kleiman and Craig Wright’s. Earlier, the Federal Court of the Southern District of Florida requested Craig Wright to provide the addresses of BTC wallets that he owned as of December 31, 2013, and also to confirm that he has access to them. He should have done this within the timeframe clearly set by the court, namely, before June 28, 2019, but Craig stated that he could not do this at the moment. He claims that he had previously given the keys to the late Kleiman, and therefore he now cannot carry out operations with the earliest bitcoins. It should be noted that the court presentation of Craig was very emotional, in some places he even cried. At one moment, he even threw papers in the direction of the judge, after which he was warned that he could be arrested for such behavior for contempt of court. Carolina Bolado, the representative of the portal Law360, told about it in her Twitter. Recall that last February, the brother of the late mathematician David Kleiman, who is connected with the creation of Bitcoin, sued Craig Wright and accused him of misappropriating 1,100,000 BTC. Since then there is a trial in this case. We want to remind: