Joseph Lubin Submits A Counterclaim Against His Former Employee
As it became known, the Ethereum project`s co-founder Joseph Lubin may soon file a counterclaim against his former employee. Recall, the former head of Token Foundry, Harrison Hines, in the venture studio ConsenSys, sued his former employer. Hines accuses the former employer of violating the terms of the contract and demands compensation for 13 million US dollars. “The relief sought is monetary damages in the amount of $12,827,000 on the contract, quasi-contract and fraud claims plus $404,783 in unpaid profits.” Lubin`s legal representation responded to this agenda promptly. The details of this case are not yet clear since the plaintiff has not even begun a formal legal process yet. It is known that at the end of 2018, Token Foundry employees were dismissed in violation of the contract terms. We want to remind: