Jonh McAfee Knows Satoshi Nakamoto Yet He Won’t Reveal Him Now
One of the most famous and influential crypto enthusiast, John McAfee, won’t reveal who Satoshi Nakamoto is since it can be dangerous for McAfee himself.

How did John McAfee find Bitcoin’s creator?

First of all, this news may shock the majority of crypto space people because there has not been even a single hint which reveals Satoshi Nakamoto for about 10 years. Since 2009, when Nakamoto created Bitcoin and posted its technology and manual on the Internet, hackers, IT specialists have been trying to find him, yet everything was in vain. Furthermore, the world even doesn’t know whether he is a male, a female, or a group of people. Previously, John McAfee had an interview with Bloomberg saying that he would unmask Nakamoto. He also pointed out that he had spent all his life searching for hackers, making him an old hand in it.
“People forget that I am a technologist, I am one of the best. My entire life I’ve been tracking people who are the best in the world at hiding their identity. Finding Satoshi was a piece of cake for me,”  McAfee said.

Revealing Nakamoto is dangerous for McAfee

After hearing those words, people were very excited. However, time passed and McAfee decided to back off. He posted a tweet on Tuesday, saying the revealing of Nakamoto’s identity would hurt his efforts to fight extradition to the U.S. McAfee answered a few Bloomberg’s questions, he said that Nakamoto got furious about the attempt to unmask him.
“I’ve spoken with him, and he is not a happy camper about my attempt to out him,” McAfee said.
Such actions of John McAfee makes us suspicious and now it is really hard to know whether he knows Nakamoto or not. We remind you Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: