Huawei Employee Accidentally Lost a Prototype of a New Gadget: They Offer €5000 for the Return
The company Huawei announced a generous reward for the return of the lost prototype of a new smartphone from the Honor 20 series. Before launching smartphones into mass production, companies produce a small batch of test samples, which they distribute to their employees so that they can test the performance. So, apparently, it happened in the Honor company with its new yet not announced smartphone. In the official account of the German division of Huawei's sub-brand on Twitter, a message appeared asking to return the lost model. It is reported that one of the company's employees lost the prototype of the new gadget during the Easter holidays. On the way to Munich, he put the smartphone in a backpack, and when he arrived home, he did not find it there. Whether the device fell out, or whether someone “helped” it to disappear, is not yet known. The developers have promised to pay to anyone who will find the prototype a reward of 5 thousand euros. The report also says that the smartphone was in a protective gray case that hid the main camera of the gadget and its design from prying eyes. Some subscribers of the account suggested that in this way the brand decided to stir up interest in the future presentation of the model Honor 20, which release is scheduled for May 21. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: