Experts Gave Deadline for Breakthrough Technology 6G Introduction
 5G networks will hardly cope with the amount of data transfer by 2028, specialists from the investment bank Bank of America (BofA) Merrill Lynch informed. Therefore, the development of next-generation communications 6G will begin around that time. 5G networks have just begun to launch in some countries. However, analysts are already making predictions about the future communications protocol. BofA experts believe that 6G can become one of the 15 breakthrough technologies and will provide a key impact on the global industry like such technologies as quantum computers, vacuum hyperloop trains, and nanosatellites among. According to analysts, the first commercial 6G projects may appear already in 2028. They will provide data transfer speeds 400 times higher than 5G networks can. Also, according to preliminary information, the communication of the sixth generation will work under water.