Rescue for India: Disaster Alert Feature Added to Google Maps
June 6, Google Maps announced important changes. The service already contains notifications functions about traffic jams and road closures and is now ready to help residents of areas where natural disasters happen very often. Detailed visualization of hurricanes, earthquakes and floods has been added to the application. Users can not only read information but also view vulnerable areas. [caption id="attachment_40831" align="alignnone" width="506"] Source:[/caption] The latest update includes hurricane alerts and an earthquake map, as well as flood maps that will only be available in India. According to Google, 20% of deaths in the world are due to flooding. From the map displaying this information, you can also send your location to friends and relatives or share information about the disaster by telling others which areas to avoid. This summer, Google Maps plans to add similar features to navigation, which will allow users to avoid roads and sections along the route that are suffering from natural disasters. We want to remind you: