Roger Ver 和 因用“比特币”而被起诉
Roger Ver 是 Bitcoin.com信息资源业主,也是比特现金公司的主要支持者之一。根据 WalletInvestor, 他快要被起诉,因为在去年8月创建关于的加密货币的网站用“比特币”。 诉讼的发起人是Twitter用户叫@MoneyTrigz,他非常有名,他领导CoinTimes杂志,并是所有者Coindaily.com网站。
“A lawsuit has been filed against the owner of, Roger Ver, formerly known as Bitcoin-Jesus, but now turned into Bitcoin-Judah. Roger Ver was an early investor in bitcoin and related companies, but then chose the path of the altcoyins. Altcoin, called Bitcoin Cash or BCH / Bcash, was formed as a result of a branch from bitcoin even before an unsuccessful attempt was made to increase the block size of the original chain. At the moment, Bcash has reached a level of acceptance comparable only to Doge, and has a similar transaction volume. This despite the fact that it has already been added to most major exchanges and is even supported by payment processors like BitPay,the edition writes.
注意的是,Roger Ver重复多次:“比特现金是真正的比特币。” 因此,他将关键部分发送到他的网站,其中大多数公开展示了他的视野。
“This in itself would not be a problem, however, given the fact that the site is called, and is also a key link in the sale of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and cloud mining contracts, this potential can be misleading inexperienced investors and beginners and lead them to buy the wrong bitcoin,authors of the material add.
为了清楚这种情况,该发布提供了来自Bitcoin.com的屏幕截图,作为大量实际不一致和令人困惑的陈述的证据。 因此,Block Explorer部分包含BCH报价器,而BTC则是比特币核心加密货币,实际上并不存在。 订阅 The Coin Shark 的消息