YouTube will Pay up to $200 Million for Child Rights Violations
Еhe Federal Trade Commission USA has approved an agreement with YouTube, according to which the company will pay a fine of 150 to 200 million US dollars for violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). On the same day that the vote took place, YouTube opened a new web portal for YouTube Kids along with a set of more insightful content filters. The platform has made a number of policy changes in response to an incomplete settlement in recent weeks, in particular banning violent or “mature” videos that were supposedly available to children before. The service will not only pay a great fine but will also change its policy regarding children's content. This investigation began after last year’s complaint to the Federal Trade Commission by dozens of human rights companies for illegally collecting data on children. The initiators demanded that the service pay up to 630 thousand US dollars for each violation because minors could suffer from the work of YouTube.