YouTube Music Allows Users To Download More Than 500 Songs At The Same Time
Melomaniacs cannot be more happy, YouTube Music is expanding its features. To be more specific, the feature of "smart downloads" which will be able to download up to 500 songs. The user will be able to listen them offline. Read more: From now on the user can download playlists, albums, listening history just in one click. The songs will be downloanding during the night when the user will be sleeping. The only thing the user needs is just WiFi connection. YouTube gave me an example of what this might look like for the average user: “Offline Mixtape, Pop Hotlist, Summer 2019 playlist, Kacey Musgraves album.” Some people do not understand why people need so much music on their phones, however many international companies tend to have such feature for the convenience of users. Netflix is also on the way of implementing the similar feature. We remind you: