YouTube Explained the Reason for Blocking Content of Cryptocurrency Bloggers
Representatives of the world's largest video hosting company YouTube finally commented on the scandal connected with blocking cryptocurrency content. According to the company, this happened due to an error in moderating content, they assured to lift the blocking the near future. After some time, a blogger The Moon confirmed the fact of regaining access to his content, but despite this, he added he does not trust YouTube anymore. It is worth noting that many other YouTubers have seriously thought about switching to decentralized platforms. Even the head of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange Changpeng Zhao commented on this situation, he believes that this incident will cause the emergence of new decentralized services. Recall that a couple of days ago, YouTube moderators removed the content of about three dozen bloggers, considering their videos dangerous to a wide audience. One of the affected users was the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, who gave a universal resonance to this situation.