You Can Now Buy Bitcoin in the Prague Subway
Thanks to one of the largest manufacturers of cryptomats, General Bytes, residents of Prague can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the Czech subway. This is reported by the news portal. Users of the subway and others will be able to buy BTC in special devices - cryptomats, 10 of which were installed by the Czech company General Bytes. The subway was chosen, because it is used by an average of 1.6 million people in only one day. This is one of the busiest transportation systems in Europe. In order for users to quickly find a cryptomat, special maps with the location of Bitcoin-devices are hung in the subway. It is assumed that Bitcoin-ATMs will be especially popular among the young population of the Czech Republic. Also, the capital of the country was chosen not by chance, but because it is considered a favorable region for digital currencies. There are companies in Prague that specialize in Bitcoin activity. Such companies include General Bytes. Representatives of the Czech Republic are positively inclined towards introducing reforms to the financial system, which are necessary due to the recognition of Bitcoin. The Central Bank of the Czech Republic, in turn, sent a message, which reads "Don’t be afraid of Bitcoin." We remind you that digital money as a means of payment is accepted by the company Pražská Plynárenská. 10 cryptomates are not the first cryptocurrency systems installed in the Czech Republic. Now their number has reached 47 pieces. To this day, 2122 cryptomats have been manufactured, 858 of which are made by the Czechs. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: