Xiaomi Released Four Brand Refrigerators Starting at $140
The Chinese company Xiaomi held a planned event and officially introduced several refrigerators of its own production. Four Xiaomi refrigerators made their debut at once. All versions use an air cooling system that allows you to keep a low temperature, and at the same time prevents the formation of ice, so there is no need for defrosting. Sales will begin on October 15th. The manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty. The cheapest model costs $140. Its dimensions are 474x535x1496 mm. We are talking about a two-chamber refrigerator with a 100-liter cooler and a 60-liter freezer. Noise level does not exceed 39 dB. The temperature controller has seven presets. The next refrigerator is three-chamber. It costs is $225. The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 116 l, freezer - 62 l, “freshness zone” - 32 l. Its size is 554x630x1717 mm. It has many options and capabilities, including temperature auto-calibration. The third model claims to be the most affordable side-by-side refrigerator in the world with an inverter compressor. It costs $280. The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 273 liters, the freezer compartment - 210 liters, and the dimensions are 833x650x1810 mm. The fridge provides a volumetric blowing system and digital control via a screen on the right door. The cost of the most expensive model is about $422. This is a four-chamber refrigerator with a size 833x678x1860 mm. The refrigerator has a volume of 305 liters, and the freezer of 181 liters. It has a screen and voice and smartphone control support.