Will Amazon Provide Face Recognition Technologies to Law Enforcement Agencies?
The United States government and liberal society have started disputes over using face recognition technologies in the public. The former state that such methods are necessary to catch criminals and prevent acts of terror, while the latter argue that forced surveillance deprives all citizens of their right to private life. The company Amazon found itself in the crossfire. Its tool Rekognition is a powerful image and video analyzing technology that can identify the person’s gender, mood, unsafe objects etc. This solution is in great demand of many governmental bodies. However, a lot of public figures make statements against letting law enforcement agencies use it. The shareholders of Amazon will now have to vote regarding two aspects. Firstly, they will decide whether the company should sell Rekognition to the government. Secondly, the question of whether this tool violates basic human rights will be discussed. Meanwhile, the management of Amazon encourages its shareholders to not vote against selling the technology.
"It is a powerful tool... for law enforcement and government agencies to catch criminals, prevent crime, and find missing people.New technology should not be banned or condemned because of its potential misuse," said the company representative.
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