Why does Bitcoin continue to grow rapidly?

Today many people have already start talking about Bitcoin in public transport, at home, etc. Two weeks ago, everyone discussed its decrease by 30%, but now no one remembers about it.

Despite all pessimistic forecasts, its price has reached its maximum historical mark of 10 000 US dollars and, considering the rapid development of this digital currency, it is definitely not going to stop at this point.

The phenomenal success of Bitcoin continues to confuse the investment community and the market itself. Day by day it is slowly, but confidently, reaching goals of its developers. Experts all around the world expect that bitcoin will be used as a payment and investment alternative, accessible literally to everyone.

What is the cause of growth?

The Bitcoin goes along a parabolic trajectory. For all 8 years of its existence, virtual currency № 1 has reached the milestones and can reach an incredible $ 110,000 for the price of the token, based on a personal analysis of the investor Parabolic Trav.

The world’s leading cryptocurrency is amazing with its performance and in some markets the price has reached more than $ 10,000, and in India the main exchange of Unocoin requests about $ 10,800 for each Bitcoin!

Thomas Glucksmann, Head of Marketing at the Gatecoin Ltd market, says: “Accelerating the growth of Bitcoins is a continuation of the long-term “bulls race ” of the crypto currency triggered by the tsunami of speculative trading on Japanese stock exchanges and the entry of institutional investors around the world to the market”

Bitcoin overcame the psychological mark of $ 10,000, which means that in the near future, the number of investors should sharply increase.

Bitcoin is among the top thirty largest currencies in the world

In November, Bitcoin entered the list of 30th best currencies in the world and, according to estimates in December 2016, has already surpassed the United Arab Emirates and Finland in terms of market capitalization. Its current market capitalization is 155 billion dollars and with such success can surpass Denmark and Ireland in the list.


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