Who Accepts Bitcoin Today?
In 2010 an american Laszlo Haynecz paid 10 thousand ВТС ($25) for pizza delivery. Obviously, many things has changed since then. The Coin Shark will tell you, what can be bought with Bitcoin today. Bitcoin is attractive as it provides fast and secure transactions. Moreover, many investors would love to own some coins to diversify their investment portfolio. However, it is now Bitcoin’s early days as it is still not accepted worldwide. But apart from some individual sellers there are also other market pioneers who enable their clients to pay with Bitcoin in the same way as with fiat money. Real estate business was one if the first to recognize Bitcoin. Today some companies from the US and the Arab Emirates offer to pay for apartments with BTC. Besides, a land near lake Tahoe in California was sold for the digital currency. Apart from real estate, car retail industry is also Bitcoin-friendly. The first crypto-deal was made by Lamborghini Newport Beach in the States, than - car dealer Auto-outlet Helsinki Oy from Finland. Some Czech car dealers also accept Bitcoin. In 2014 lithuanian airline company Air Lituanica and latvian AirBaltic provided their passengers with the opportunity to pay with BTC. A year later, polish low cost airlines LOT joined them. The West is also here - you can purchase tickets with BTC in the US, Mexico and Canada. However, still not so many companies accept Bitcoin, so there are online services offering to purchase tickets even if the company itself does not accept BTC payments.   There are also some universities and colleges in Cyprus, the US, the UK and  Switzerland that accept BTC. Software developers (like WordPress), hardware manufacturers (Dell), VPN-services, hosting providers and many online platforms accept Bitcoin. In addition, US-based Bitcoinshop provides the opportunity to buy “everything you normally buy” with Bitcoin. Off-line mass market is different. You’ll probably need much time to find stores and restaurants that accept digital coins.  However there are also different online services always ready to help. A private clinic from Warsaw accepts Bitcoin for healthcare services. Among hotels, one of the first BTC-pioneers was the US Holiday Inn. So, there are more and more companies and services interested in BTC. This tendency is clearly observed by Bitcoin holders, who have more opportunities to use their coins, and investors, who expect BTC rate to grow and become more sustainable thanks to the growing liquidity. However, jurisdictions have different opinions on Bitcoin operations and in some countries it is even beyond the law. Anyway, today it is getting easier to spend your Bitcoins not only in “cryptocurrency countries” but also worldwide. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: https://t.me/thecoinshark