Whitestone | ICO 25.01.18 – 03.04.18


Token sale opening date25 Jan 2018

13 days ago

Token sale closing date3 Apr 2018

in 2 months

ConceptThis project brings efficiency and accuracy on art trading by using Blockchain as a middle agent. It eliminates expensive handling fee and encourage art trading with accurate recording of transactions. It prevents counterfeit trading as well. It eventually nurture undiscovered artists.


MembersYukio Shiraishi – CEO

Koei Shiraishi – COO

Kazuo Ohi – Operation Chief

Yukiko Mishima – CFO

Hideyuki Nakajima – Whitestone Gallery CEO

Masaru Nose – Whitestone Gallery CEO

Miho Sakamoto – Karuizawa New Art Museum Deputy Librarian

XIE HENG – New Art Coin ICO Project Manager

Stefan Buhrmester – Application Developer

Country of originHong Kong


BlockchainEthereum (What is blockchain?)


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