When to Wait for 5G in Ukraine?
Just a couple of years ago, the fourth-generation mobile Internet came to the regional centers of Ukraine, and the 5G launch is expected next year in the world. Let's see when to expect 5G from Ukrainian mobile providers. Most recently, the NCCIR provided radio frequency bands for the first fifth-generation beta networks. They plan to start testing very soon, on December 1, 2019. These tests will be held until the beginning of the summer of 2020. After that, the government should hold a tender which determines operators who will receive licenses to expand the existing frequencies. But, unfortunately, this question can`t be resolved in a couple of months, according to the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Alexander Shelest, the commercial launch of 5G in Ukraine will take place no earlier than 2022. “I think that the real 5G will work in three years from now” - he said. Ukrainian mobile operators expressed roughly the same opinion. The head of the National Commission for the Regulation of Communications and Informatization, Alexander Zhivotovsky said that tenders could be held earlier. But there will not be any 5G networks in Ukraine in 2020”. The official also said that Ukraine will use the same frequencies as in the countries of the European Union, but the exact approval of this issue will be in 2020.