What Should We Expect from October Apple Presentation
Apple is hardly a predictable company. Despite the fact of a huge number of rumors and leaks before each presentation, Apple still finds something to surprise users. So what to expect from the October presentation?

Apple Tag - Apple's first search tracker

We heard about the Apple search tracker a long time ago and waited for the release of such an unusual product for the company back in the spring. However, Apple Tag was released neither in March, nor in June, nor even in September although it managed to become familiar both in iOS beta versions and in the reports of insiders and analysts. As a result, we already know that the tracker will support Ultra Wideband technology, which will allow determining its location with an accuracy of a few centimeters, as well as work with augmented reality, laying a visual route to the lost thing.

MacBook Pro 16

It seems like we learned about this laptop even earlier than about the Apple Tag project. Ming-Chi Kuo was one of the first to talk about it, he predicted the new laptop the role of the successor to the 15-inch model, and, therefore, the most advanced hardware by the laptops standards. However, rumors say, the main feature of the new laptops should be the new generation “scissors” keyboard, which Apple refused several years ago.

iPad Pro 2019

As the line of tablets expanded, Apple had to revise the release dates, as a result, the launch of professional models occurs in October lately. This year, the iPad Pro is likely to come in the same size options as the previous year, but it will receive a serious hardware upgrade, an improved camera, and possibly support for the updated Smart Keyboard.

How will duties and taxes affect Mac Pro 2019?

Despite the fact that Apple has already introduced the Mac Pro at this summer presentation, most likely the company will reveal new details about it, as well as announce the official date of its appearance in retail this month. It will also be interesting to see how the price of the Mac Pro changes. It is possible that by the time of release it will be higher because the USA imposed 25% customs duties on some of the components that make up the computer this fall.