What Services Provide the Best Cloud-Based Mining
So you need cloud-based mining, and cloud-based mining, in its turn, requires special service. Due to the growing interest in cryptocurrency and mining, in particular, nowadays there is a large number of services for cloud-based cryptocurrency. However, we, The Coin Shark, will tell you about the 10 best cloud resources in our humble expert opinion. 10th place. NiceHash This service for cloud mining not only provides an opportunity to mine cryptocurrency, but also sell it. NiceHash can be called the world's largest cryptocurrency mining market. 9th place. BitMiner We offer BitMiner for those who do not like to wait. It is a service that makes payments without delays, and also provides the opportunity to mine Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash. The cloud resource was launched in 2015. 8th place. AWS Mining Service provides transparency of the magnetic process "on the cloud". Excursions to their own farms without disrupting the security of the servers, in fact, has established confidence in the resource from the side of miners from around the world. We recommend AWS Mining for those who are ready to invest a nice amount of money. 7th place. Minergate This service earned a place in our rating for the profitable level of the pool, a low threshold for withdrawal and many more features, which affect the rapid gaining of the miners’ trust. Yes, it really is the only service for cloud mining, which is rapidly striving to lead the championship among analog resources. 6th place. Hashing24 This service knows how to meet the needs of the miner. Firstly, it guarantees 100% trouble-free operation of equipment, and, secondly, it provides automatic payments. Hashing24 is recommended for beginners in the field of mining. 5th place. HydroMiner Who wants to mine cryptocuttency in the hydroelectric power station in the Alps? Sounds like something unreal, doesn’t it? However, the HydroMiner service offers everyone to take advantage of this unique opportunity. For those who still don’t get it, we will explain. The HydroMiner service uses "green" energy for mining, which is more efficient, profitable and original than other services. 4th place. Eobot The platform has been operating since 2013. It is referral and offers to get hold of a variety of cryptocurrencies. The company-developer is not a manufacturer of mining equipment, but buys from trusted manufacturers. Eobot features free bonuses. 3rd place. Kikohash Still no one came up with such advantageous conditions for mining as Kikohash did. In a sense, this service is the most profitable, this fact explains its wide popularity among analog solutions. The company has been providing a platform for cloud mining since 2017. It used to belong to the service Dolevik. Mining inside this service is advantageous because the company sells video cards to users with a good returning policy. 2nd place. Genesis Mining Not everyone can indicate "transparent management system" as a bullet-point in the list of advantages of their work. This is not about Genesis Mining. The service occupies the first place among the most reliable mining resources of Bitcoin provided an opportunity to track the activities of some mining farms on their official site. 1st place. HashFlare Service has the highest level of reliability, which is time-tested. At the moment, HashFlare is the only resource-sharing able to ensure the interests of each user with maximum security. The company has been providing an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency on a cloud since 2013, it was also one of the first ones to take the lead in developing the digital currency market. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_coinshark