What is the “Internet of Things”? Top 10 Smart Gadgets for Home in 2019
Technological progress is developing at a huge speed, today it is already obvious to everybody, that humanity is entering a fundamentally new era - the era of the Internet of Things (IoT). Experts in this field claim that in the near future things from our everyday life (household machines, gadgets, cars, etc.) will unite into a single global network in order to make our life more comfortable. It is worth noting that today technologies already allow this, but there are certain stopping factors that do not allow us to connect every coffee machine, iron, refrigerator, etc. to the Internet. Firstly, this is the bandwidth of the current generation of 4G mobile communications, and secondly, this is a total rejection of privacy. If we say goodbye to the first problem next year, since the global launch of the fifth-generation mobile networks is scheduled for 2020, then the second problem has generated lively discussions so far.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Many people have repeatedly heard this phrase, but some still do not know what it is. It should be noted that the term Internet of things (IoT) was introduced 20 years ago by Kevin Ashton. The Internet of Things is a huge number of gadgets, sensors, and devices that are interconnected into a single global network. The main purpose of IoT is the deep integration of the physical world into the digital space, with the aim of ensuring maximum comfort for people, as well as energy savings. The development of this direction is quite an expected step because as you know, laziness is the engine of progress. Those days have long passed when it was necessary to go to the TV in order to switch the channel or change the volume because the engineers invented a remote control. No need to go to a smartphone to set the alarm or turn on the music, because you can just ask Siri, Alexa or any other virtual assistant to do it at a distance. Today with the help of "smart" electronics you can remotely turn on or off a lot of household appliances:
  • home alarm system;
  • climate control in the car (it is possible to assign the operating time of the heating system or air conditioner in the smartphone so that in the morning, depending on weather conditions, it would be comfortable to sit in a warm or vice versa cooled car);
  • household appliances (washing machine, coffee maker; air humidifier, etc.)
But it is worth noting that these examples are only the top of the technological iceberg. Experts are confident that in the relatively near future, a variety of sensors will be integrated into the human body, with the help of which it will be possible to control "smart" electronics literally by the power of thought. Work on the creation of such neurocomputer interfaces is already underway. And the fact that people like Elon Musk (Neuralink company) and Mark Zuckerberg are interested in this area tells us that this is not just futurologists' inventions, but quite real technology.

Top 10 smart home gadgets for 2019

All of the above is a prospect for the next few years, or maybe decades, but many people want to make their homes more “smart” and technological already now. So, we have specially prepared for you a list of 10 innovative gadgets to which you can delegate a part of your household chores.

HP LaserJet Pro Printer

The brainchild of HP has a fairly compact size and perfectly located even on a small table. This model differs by a fairly fast print speed: for example, the LaserJet Pro can produce black and white documents in the amount of 19 pages in 60 seconds. With it, you can easily copy various documents from both sides at once on one page. Due to this, it is easy to make a flat copy of a driver's license, passport, etc. at home. It is possible to control the operation of the printer directly in the HP Smart mobile application right from a phone or tablet. The future is the wireless connection, and the wires are already becoming part of the history

Kohler Verdera Voice Mirror

This integral bathroom accessory not only has an aesthetic and futuristic design, but it is also equipped with two virtual assistants at once: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With this smart mirror, you can control all smart home devices, as well as play music files from all popular streaming services (Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc.). High-quality speakers that can reproduce stereo sound are integrated into Verdera Voice. Another feature of this mirror is the ability to adjust the brightness of the backlight by the voice, through virtual assistants.

Trifo Ironpie Robot Vacuum Cleaner

There are a huge number of different robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, but this one is one of the most functional models today. Many sensors are integrated into it, through which the Ironpie can not only move independently around the house but also safely bypass various obstacles. In addition, this model analyzes the terrain and creates its 3D-map, due to which it can build the most rational and effective cleaning route.

Smart Microwave - AmazonBasics Microwave

This microwave oven does not have a virtual assistant, but it can work in tandem with Echo gadgets into which Alexa is integrated. AmazonBasics Microwave has ten power levels, it is equipped with a smart timer, and also has a child safety lock. The owner has the ability to pre-set the quick cooking and he will not need to set the intensity and the heating level of the oven each time in the future.

Doorbell Ring Door View Cam

This gadget is installed directly into the front door itself, to the place where the usual eye is located. This device is equipped with a camera that records video in Full HD quality. In order to start recording a new video file, it is not necessary to press the call button, you just need to knock on the door. These videos are stored in the cloud, you can access them in a special mobile application.

Smart thermostat Ecobee4

With this device, it is possible to easily control the temperature in all areas of an apartment or house at once. This device perfectly interacts with different heating and humidification systems. Alexa virtual assistant is integrated into the latest Ecobee4 model, so it can be controlled by voice, as well as from a mobile application.

JBL Link Bar Audio System

Due to this soundbar, it is possible to turn absolutely any TV into a Smart TV. JBL Link Bar is running by the Android TV operating system, it is also equipped with the virtual assistant Google Assistant. This accessory from the company JBL is a symbiosis of a TV set-top box and an external speaker system with a power of 3W. It is remarkable that this device can be used even without a TV by connecting a personal computer or smartphone to it.

Somneo Sleep & Wake-up Light smart alarm clock from Philips

A new development from Philips specialists helps to fall asleep faster and wake up gently using light and sound. In the evening, this device simulates warm sunlight, like at sunset, and in the morning gradually fills the room with sunlight, saturating it with the colors of the dawn. This smart alarm clock is equipped with four levels of screen brightness, as well as seven sound options for waking up and two for falling asleep.

JAXJOX kettlebell

The next gadget is designed for followers of a healthy lifestyle. JAXJOX`s weight can be changed from 5 to 19 kg in seconds, to do this, just install it on the charging station and select the desired weight on the display. This smart sports equipment is furnished with smart stacked plates laying system. It is also worth noting that the kettlebell itself can track such indicators as the number of approaches and repetitions, as well as the time of physical activity.

Capsule Beer Machine LG HomeBrew

We smoothly turn from sports to the use of not the most healthy product - beer. The new brainchild from LG is able to brew fresh delicious beer right in your apartment. All that a beer machine owner needs to do is pour water into the appropriate container and insert a disposable capsule. After that, the device itself will be engaged in brewing.


The smart home product industry is developing more and more each year. After a short period of time, namely, after the launch of the fifth-generation mobile networks, we are expected to see rapid growth in this industry. But to make your life more comfortable already today, you can buy a sufficient number of smart things for the home. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/