What Does Roger Ver Have to Say about Bitcoin Cash after the Fork?

The CEO of Bitcoin.com and a crypto enthusiast Roger Ver was one of the most important figures that let the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash happen. Recently, he spoke with Naomi Brockwell in a live stream on Youtube and discussed the post hard fork BCH.

Here are some of the most important highlights of his speech.

Firstly, Roger Ver explained that the main reason of the split is different vision of Bitcoin Cash coming from different members of the crypto community, so this step was crucial in the development of the coin.

Secondly, he mentioned the fact that the recent attacks aimed at BCH ABC and BCH SV were most likely conducted by the developers of Bitcoin Core, since they simply didn’t like the coin.

Thirdly, being a huge supporter of Bitcoin Cash, Ver claimed that only BCH has the potential to become the global cryptocurrency of the future.

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Crypto Story: Roger Ver

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