Welcome to “Phase 2” of the ICO Evolution where “Utility” Tokens Offer True Utility

Unification ICO

During “Phase 1” there was such an influx of new retail investment that more or less any project could write a whitepaper, get a token contract, raise funds, list on an exchange and some people would profit.

This is what it was and is in the past now.

We are now entering the phase where ICO’s are still equally valid and yes Utility  Tokens are here to stay – Don’t believe the FUD that security tokens will take over – the issue in the past wasn’t with Utility tokens- the issue was with low value/non-tech project issuing them.

The industry is now facing reality that every DAPP idea doesn’t need to be a DAPP and those that do, don’t need their own token.    So Utility tokens are fine and here to stay. This is how the industry will evolve with new projects

Layer 1 –  Blockchains – There are an influx of many promising Layer 1 Blockchains who mostly will claim incredible results in their test environments-  How these fair once put to mass stress test is to yet be determined. However judging by history – technology will copy each other and the winner of the battle of the blockchains will be determined via community and enterprise outreach.   So when looking for which one to back – I would look to see how they interact and build their tech community (not coin pump community)

Layer 2- Standardization – If the Blockchain is the land-  then the Layer 2 is the streets, electric and plumbing. Without this then houses (DAPPS) can’t be built.  There will be a few winners in Layer 2- but again like Layer 1 – it is just as much a matter of enterprise adoption as it is technology.

Layer 3 – (NOT) Dapps – The concept of the Dapp is a worn out one.  The reality is that for people to actually use the Blockchain – there needs to be a conversion process where existing APPS and enterprises are converted over to the chain.  the idea of needing a new enterprise/app for every damn idea is absurd and indicative of the bubble we just passed through. Im not sure if any “Dapp” or layer 3 ICO will be a winner going forward as we are in the era of functional utility and there isn’t much that can be done as a Dapp that can’t just as easily be done as an existing App with Blockchain component.

To summarize projects in PHASE 2 of this evolution of the ICO will have a few traits.

1 – Tech heavy. And I dont mean “whitepaper heavy”  or “academic heavy” – because there are plenty of project already busted or busting that loaded their rosters with PHDs and wrote whitepapers that were so ambiguous and vague that many just assumed they would succeed.   By Tech heavy we mean significant code development just like they were in a real company. This does not necessarily mean a strong github as not all code needs to be open source and sometimes the best teams prefer to work in private repos.

2 -Solves real problems. Data, Identity, Standardization and of course a fast and free/inexpensive blockchain.   these are all problems that need to be solved. Another “vacation coin” doesn’t solve a problem.

3 – Led by an experienced and hungry team. This does not necessarily mean that the team needs to have advanced cryptopgraphers with years of blockchain experience.   This is likely only necessary if they are actually building a blockchain. By experienced we mean a team that has practical experience and wins under their belt and understands follow-through.   Phase 1 of the ICO brought us many people who were in the right place and the right time and made a “coin” and made alot of money but then didn’t know how to do much else. Look for real life winners.


This project has highly impressed me when I research them as they have been quietly building out their tech as a real tech company-  ie. . building so that they can be revenue positive (without a coin pump) and that people will use. The interesting thing is that when you have a “real” technology the coin will naturally go up and stay high because it actually has an ongoing use.   I expect the UND token to hover around levels similar to DASH or NEO after Issuance.

The magic of the Utility is that Unification is a layer 2 State channel protocol that enables Data Liquidity.

What does that mean in plain speak?

They integrate with existing enterprise APPS (not DAPP) and standardize and make their data tradable on the blockchain.

This practically means Unification is building the backbone of the new data superhighway.

We like things like this  that when actualized can properly change the world.  This is actualized through robust technology and a dedicated enterprise outreach team that moves data en masse by onboarding existing Apps userbases.  Think about it for a minute- If we want 1m users on the UND ecosystem -is it easier to sign up 1m one by one or just sign up an enterprise that already has them?

It makes sense to me and everybody that has heard it.  They are quietly executing their private sale now and I am not sure exactly the details as they have been keeping it on lockdown as some Major players (think the coin people behind ICON and Wanchain) are coming into the private round.  You can check out their website here or join their telegram and wait for news of the public sale

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