Walmart’s Service Workers Are Replaced By Robots
If you believe in conspiracy theories about robots taking over the world, you may be scared of what you are going to read below. But for those who think that machines are the future, we suggest you should read this article thoroughly since the future has already come. Walmart, one of the biggest multinational retail companies in the whole world, started hiring robots to do the work that human beings consider not enjoyable. This includes cleaning floors, sorting inventory, and replenishing out-of-stock items in the stores. Walmart decided to save the labor costs of such workers and bought robots, according to the report of The Wall Street Journal. Source: The Verge The company is going to acquire robots for floor cleaning to place them in 1500 stores around the US. Moreover, it plans to add 600 conveyor belts to sort inventory automatically, there are going to be around 300 bots to check shelves whether the shops lack anything  (the example is given above on the picture). The latter technology began testing back in 2017, and this year it is going to be introduced to the world. All of this can save the money as the more robots are working in Walmart, the fewer people are needed there. However, it does not mean that Walmart puts away the possibility of humans working in the shops. The company wants them to focus on its online grocery business. Walmart is trying to create a competitive delivery service that will be able to compete with AmazonFresh and Amazon Prime Now’s Whole Foods delivery. It is not the first novelty of Walmart, here you can find details about “smart packaging”: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: