The volume of Bitcoin trading in Latin America set a new record in April

According to Coin Dance, residents of Latin America set a new record for the volume of bitcoin transactions through the LocalBitcoins platform.

To regular users of the platform from Argentina, Venezuela, and Chile, joined many new participants from Mexico and Colombia. For example, trading volumes in the pair Bitcoin-Mexican pesos over the past week increased by more than 71%. In dollar terms, the trade turnover of traders from Mexico amounted to $ 430,000 last week.

Similar figures for Argentina amounted to $ 670,000, and Colombia set a new national record, reaching a weekly turnover of $ 2 million. Traders from Chile made operations at $ 325,000, which is the lowest indicator for these countries.

As for Venezuela, in which, due to economic problems, the population trusts Bitcoin and Dash much more than the national currency, last week the amount of the transactions from this country reached $ 4.1 million.

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