Hollywood sẽ được hưởng lợi từ quá trình chuyển đổi blockchain

Hollywood dominates the film industry and spectators have been enjoying the creations of this empire for years. It's time to open it up to the cryptosphere, to become on the rails of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

How can blockchain help the film industry? It's easy to understand. Film making requires a significant investment. To create a quality film worthy of massive applause, you need to attract significant investment.

In a typical Hollywood environment, these investors and partners can be counted on one hand. Therefore, artistic diversity is often lacking.

When all the scenarios go through the hands of a dozen of the chosen people, it is difficult to talk about equality. After all, only they can determine what millions of people around the world will watch.

Imagine if this were in the visual arts. A dozen people would decide what to draw artists, what sculptures to make.

How artistically poor are the art galleries and museums. They would not have had Picasso, Warhol, Malevich and even the hero of our time - Banksy.

There is also another side. It's about the benefits of investment. Many people who might invest in movie production do not get access to projects.

But with the introduction of distributed ledger technology, it would be possible to easily parse the budget of the future cinema into separate NFT tokens and, with their help, subsequently divide the profit.

As such, we believe Hollywood and the film industry as a whole should take a closer look at DLT. This technology is the future!