Bộ chuyển đổi kỹ thuật số Ukraine đang chuẩn bị một lộ trình phát triển tiền điện tử

The Ministry of Digital Resources of Ukraine and business representatives began to jointly build a plan for the development of digital assets and their market in Ukraine.

On the first day of the fortsite meeting, its participants analyzed the scenario for the development of a new industry. Possible ways of developing cryptocurrencies on the territory of Ukraine were presented. In the course of collective work, the meeting participants intend to form a final roadmap.

One of the goals of the fortsite is to create a favorable climate in Ukraine for the further progress of the virtual asset market. But above all, you need a clear action plan for working with the new industry and a community that allows you to realize your goals.

According to the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Alexander Bornyakov, there is a lot of work ahead, since in the next two months they must determine a common vision of the market development strategy.

Fortsight is a new methodology for actively exploring the future. The meeting was attended by about 70 representatives of departments and businesses. And this is only the first step towards the formation of a roadmap for the long-term development of the virtual assets industry in Ukraine. The participants intend to work on the concept of innovation until 2031 inclusive.

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