Reddit và Ethereum Foundation để mở rộng Điểm cộng đồng

Reddit launched Community Points in May 2020. It's about the points awarded for activity to community representatives

To optimize this program, Reddit has enlisted the support of the Ethereum Foundation. In test mode, crypto points have been added to two subreddits: r/CryptoCurrency and r/FortNiteBR.

To manage the distribution of points, the Scaling Bake-Off system was launched in June 2020. The test went great. Therefore, it is not surprising that a larger one is planned and will be implemented after the first test launch.

The bonus program will be expanded soon. They will introduce points for more subreddits to the system of distribution of bonuses. The Ethereum blockchain will be fair and transparent.

According to the developers, the partnership with the Ethereum Foundation will expand the infrastructure, facilitate scaling and provide more resources for the implementation of the Community Points program.