Cảnh báo: Thận trọng!

Coinshark is an information and news portal. We are open-minded, and we talk about the most important events in fintech and cryptosphere

On our website we publish materials, excerpts, interviews and articles of different authors. We take the plots and materials for our news and articles from open sources, based on the analysis of the markets.

Coinshark does not impose its opinion on readers and offers all materials exclusively for informational purposes. Therefore, any decisions made on the basis of the analytics we publish, reviews of exchanges, brokers, casinos, you make yourself.

We recently published an article about the broker BTC Trends. After analysing the Internet space, we found a lot of negative reviews. To the point that it's a scam.

Therefore, reading any information provided and on the basis of this decision to use the services of a company, assess the risks and make investments only when you are fully confident that they are justified.

We also emphasise that not always negative reviews are an indicator that a project is a scam. Many traders invest without experience or knowledge. Just trying your hand or listening to various rumors on the wave of cryptocurrency hype.

The results of such investments are not always positive. However, since everyone has the right to make a decision on their own, all responsibility lies with the investor himself.

Coinshark's mission is to talk about opportunities, to report new events in Christopher, opinions of media personalities, well-known traders and analysts. Based on this data, you can form your own opinion about the events and prospects of the market.

Visit our website, read the latest news and always be aware of what is happening. This will give you an advantage over others and will not let you lose your head from FOMO in the existing bull market!

If you come across the fact that any project does not inspire you confidence, there are suspicions or verified data that it is a scam, write to the editorial office. We will be grateful for the information provided!

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