Việc thay thế thẻ SIM đã gây ra vụ trộm $27,000

A 48-year-old man from California claims $27,000 loss in BTC due to SIM card fraud

On January 14, he contacted the local police and said that his telecommunications service provider, T-Mobile, had reported a hacked account.

He later received a call from an unknown number. The caller identified himself as a Ledger representative and informed him that his account had been hacked. He asked to enter an access password and personal identification code which is required to enter the wallet.

Later, the victim checked the wallet and found no money in it. Around $27,000 in BTC is missing. This was due to the fact that the scammer re-registered the victim's SIM card number to a new SIM card and was able to pass a two-step security check to gain access to the wallet.

This is not the only theft of this kind. Earlier in 2019, in Massachusetts, two men robbed several users $550,000. There were more than a dozen victims, many of them worked in the cryptocurrency field.