Iran tịch thu 45 nghìn trang trại khai thác bất hợp pháp

As part of the fight against illegal mining in Iran, raids and confiscation of equipment are being carried out. In 2021, another raid took place and resulted in the arrest of more than 45 thousand mining farms.

These installations illegally used subsidized electricity in the amount of 95 megawatts per hour. In Iran, where mining has a high load on the power grid and frequent power outages, illegal mining farms are treated very harshly.

Iranian electricity chief Mohammad Hassan Motavalizadeh said illegal mining consumed as much electricity as a city of over half a million consumers.

Earlier, it was reported that at the beginning of the year, electricity was cut off to a giant farm in the southeastern region. This happened after a video was published on social media showing that the building housed thousands of mining farms mining bitcoin.

Iran was one of the first nations globally to legalize mining cryptocurrencies. It happened back in 2019. But it was necessary to officially register before August 2020. Otherwise, mining would become illegal. After this period, the authorities are actively searching for illegal equipment used for mining.

The industry reacted negatively to what was happening. Popular cryptanalyst Zia Sadr is confident that mining does not damage power grids.

The mismanagement and obsolete state of power grids should be considered to be blamed for the outages and equipment failure. We need to solve these problems, not blame the miners.