Bitmain giới thiệu ASIC Antminer E9

Bitmain has unveiled their newest ASIC miner for the ETH digital currency dubbed Antminer E9. It is a microcircuit running on the ETH blockchain algorithm Ethash. The new Antminer E9 is based on the E3, launched by Bitmain several years ago.

Date of its release hasn't been announced yet, but the miner's appearance may not be as promising as the company said. The fact is that now the device will face a potential competitor in the form of Nvidia's CMP mining processor. In addition, the imminent transition of Buterin's team to Proof-of-Stake can, at least, play a cruel joke with the Bitmain miner.

On the other hand, the transition to PoS creates a small time window for miners and they may want to actively take advantage of the remaining months, catching up with lost profits. Therefore, E9 can fly as fast as Nvidia RTX 3060 batches, which do not even have time to reach retailers.

You should not count on a quick release of the device. Especially against the background of the fact that the whole world is faced with a global lack of chips. The monthly income from Ethereum mining alone managed to grow to 1.38 billion in March.

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