4 triệu đô la: kỷ lục tuyệt đối về khai thác BTC hàng giờ được thiết lập

Analysing Glassnode, today we noticed that February 12 was recorded the highest mining rate in the history of the first cryptocurrency

In less than 60 minutes, Bitcoin miners have enriched themselves by four million dollars. This is an absolute record of hourly mining. Especially when you consider the halving of income due to the halving of the past year.



But as it happened, the number of Bitcoins mined during mining decreased, and the income for miners on the contrary has grown. Everything is fine and goes according to plan. That's what Satoshi Nakamoto intended.

The White Paper of Bitcoin states that 21 million coins will be issued. Every four years there is a halving. On the one hand, this limits the number of coins mined. On the other hand, it stimulates the growth of the price of cryptocurrency. After all, the lower the supply, the higher the demand and price!

The fairness of this can be seen if you examine last year's Bitcoin price chart. At first, miners' incomes fell, but hashrate (miners' activity) continued to grow. And Bitcoin is expected to have risen in price.

We calculated that at the rate of $46,000-$47,000 for 1 BTC, for an hour in total today there was about 82 coins mined.

This is an inaccurate number, as miners' incomes are made up not only of coin-made coins, but also of commissions for adding transactions to blocks. That's about 13.7 percent of total revenue, or $137,000.

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