Justin Sun đã trình bày quỹ NFT của mình

Tron founder Justin San presented the NFT fund of his own cryptocurrency platform. It is planned to demonstrate only expensive non-replacement tokens, whose price exceeds 1 million dollars.

The Sun Foundation decided not to think about it for a long time, calling it the "Just NFT fund." In an open letter to representatives of the blockchain industry, the founder of Tron stated that it is impossible to ignore the success of NFT in the art industry, and also gave a forecast for the next ten years. According to him, 50% of famous artists will turn their works into NFT.

Only selected artists, whose work costs from $1 million, and the average price of the fund's works will be about $10 million.

The Tron Foundation intends to operate on the Pareto or 80-20 principle, where the value of artists will be given as the equivalent of efficiency. According to San himself, they intend to work with those creators whose value of works will be able to stand the test of time.

The main representatives of the foundation will be figures of modern art space, employees of world-famous auction houses Sotheby's and Christie's. The Foundation is looking for an expert willing to take on the role of "lead artist" and become the chief advisor for NFT.

Given Justin's own love of crypto art and betting, such as the last purchase of the painting "Ocean Front" acquired by him under the authorship of Beeple. It, by the way, cost $6 million and will be the first object presented under the Just NFT fund.

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