Người leo núi Ba Lan gửi bitcoin lên đỉnh Himalayas

Pavel Kopich is preparing to climb the summit of the Himalayas. His target is Mount Lhotse (8516 m), which is the fourth highest peak of the planet

The cryptocurrency platform FlyingAtom was the sponsor of the ascent. Therefore, Kopich, having conquered the top, will leave there a flag with the image of Bitcoin and the slogan "HODL".

This is one of the strategies of earning on cryptocurrencies. "HODL" means the intention of investors to keep bitcoin in the hope that the cryptocurrency will become more expensive.

Hodlers are actively purchased at the bottom of the price of cryptocurrencies, expecting a price increase. Given the kind of breakthrough bitcoin made in 2021, many walkers have made good money on this.

The value of cryptocurrencies today is difficult to underestimate. Many are waiting for Bitcoin to go to the moon. Perhaps the idea of raising Bitcoin to a new height - the top of the Himalayas - is not so bad.

Translated from Tibetan Lhotse, it is the Southern Peak. It's time to send Bitcoin to new heights!



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