JP Morgan công bố báo cáo biến động Bitcoin ATH

In their next report on the affairs in the cryptocurrency and financial markets, the guys from JP Morgan touched on the issue of the price of Bitcoin. In their opinion, the new ATH cryptocurrency does not look sustainable

The key to BTC's price growth was retail momentum. Amid the activity in social networks of sports stars, actors, musicians and financial geniuses, like Elon Musk, there was a high speculative wave. It fueled retail interest, and the price of Bitcoin went up.

But since there were no other special prerequisites, the high price volatility inherent in Bitcoin can trigger a correction below $50,000. This is the opinion of global market strategist JP Morgan.

Today Bitcoin set ATH 51 525 dollars. The capitalisation growth in less than six months amounted to 700 billion dollars. In many ways, this was achieved through investments from giants such as Guggenheim, Grayscale and tesla's acclaimed Bitcoin purchase.

The report also provides an estimate of ETH futures. Perhaps everyone knows that despite the hype around their launch, there is no special activity on CME yet.

According to experts from JP Morgan, the market is still maturing. Therefore, over time, futures on Ethereum will be able to take their place. 

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