Thợ mỏ Trung Quốc nói rằng năm 2022 có thể giảm giá đối với bitcoin

Leading Chinese miner Jiang zhuoer believes that as the traditional economy recovers, Bitcoin could become bearish again

According to him, the first shifts will be noticeable this autumn. Even institutional investments will not help. As the economic recovery plan is fully operational, investors will return to traditional assets.

Jiang Joer stressed that after it became known about the purchase of BTC for 1.5 billion dollars by Tesla, other large companies are in no hurry to enter the crypto market.

Also, do not write off the analysis of previous bullish cycles of Bitcoin. As the statistics show, the cycle lasts about two years.

Perhaps, large organisations will be able to support the cryptocurrency. If companies like Goldman Sachs or the big banks provide support, the prospects for Bitcoin will be more optimistic.

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