airBaltic hiện chấp nhận Ethereum và Dogecoin

airBaltic has announced the possibility of paying for flights in cryptocurrencies. Passengers will now be able to pay for tickets using Ethereum and Dogecoin.

airBaltic has long established itself as one of the most advanced airlines friendly to innovative technologies. Especially because it is related to payment. For example, back in 2014, the company began accepting payments in Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash and four stablecoins: GUSD, PAX, BUSD and USDC.

As part of the latest news, representatives of airBaltic specified that despite accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, prices on the site are still displayed in euros, as the BitPay payment gateway helps them exchange payments in digital currencies for fiat.

airBaltic CEO Martin Gauss said they are always looking for ways to meet customers from the moment they book their tickets. Gauss noted that the company intends to expand payment opportunities, despite the fact that the number of people who have used the payment of services in cryptocurrencies in recent years amounted to just over 1000.

Tourist business stagnates against the background of coronavirus, so such news hardly surprises anyone. On the other hand, the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in even more industries helps the entire industry move faster. Therefore, we hope that airBaltic will become a great example for other airlines and tour operators.

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