Vitalik Buterin Will Soon Distribute the Ethereum Network
The scaling of the Ethereum network is almost complete, says the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin. The proof of this was the concept, published by Buterin, for updates of the network with the attached code, which demonstrates how the shards and the key blockchain of Ethereum will interact with each other. This method of shading mostly implies the separation of Ethereum into parallel networks in order to increase the efficiency of the blockchain, which will help reduce the load on the network. Ultimately, it will be possible to reduce the cost and increase the speed of the products of transactions. Vitalik noted that his plans include the division of Ethereum by about 100 shards, the power of each of them will correspond to the capacity of the main blockchain. He also added:
“I would not say the spec is finalized at this point, though the ‘bag of ideas’ is IMO pretty well-established. The latest research consists of combining together existing ideas about scaling and latency (ie. block time) reduction.”
The developer spoke about the new sharding code, which will be integrated into the network after the transition of the Etherium to the Proof-of-Stake protocols (Casper). Buterin presented a new "minimal sharding protocol" and also noted that the scheme of the sharding system will be constantly improved. The essence of the basic concept is to create a publicly available drafting project for developers, which will not depend on any changes. Vitalik Buterin decided to divide the network last year. This topic was raised many times. Most likely, when the idea starts to be implemented and will have more realistic boundaries, as well as the exact date of product's release, then ETH will grow in value, which often happens when a new upgrade is introduced to the market of cryptocurrencies. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: