Vitalik Buterin vs. Coindesk: Twitter Battles and the Boycott of the Conference Consensus 2018
The creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin and the team of the project OmiseGO boycotted the upcoming Consensus 2018 conference, which was organized by CoinDesk. The current situation is the consequence of the two materials published by the agency, one of which had a direct link to the web-site scam, and the second contained "sensationalist" information about the alleged upcoming Ethereum hail. Vitalik noted that this is not the first mistake of this kind made by the media, which he already warned: Buterin was supported by the OmiseGO team which joined the boycott: Also, Buterin calls the note of CoinDesk "sensationalist", as it describes the controversial proposal of EIP-999, which, according to the media, should unblock 513 thousand ETH, frozen due to vulnerabilities discovered in Parit wallet in November of last year. Additional attention should be paid to the very moment of the news publication from CoinDesk, as it became known at that time that representatives of Ethereum made a decision against the unblocking of 513 thousand ETH on Parity wallets, the developers of which informed everyone that they do not need another Ethereum hard fork. Since that time, the CoinDesk material has been updated several times, although the screenshots of the first version of the text are in the public access on the Internet. Also Vitalik Buterin accuses CoinDesk of running politics with "traps." Fourthly, he said that he would not support the "rent-oriented" policy of Consensus 2018. All accusations of Vitalik Buterin, were called "completely ridiculous"  by the CoinDesk editor Pete Rizzo. He believes that the incident with links to the scaffold was single, and the media team works only "acting in good faith." He supplemented his opinion on the statement of Buterin, calling his accusation "bully pulpit move." He also notes that “he has not bitten his tongue this long to take this kind of bullsh*t from anyone.” At the same time, the OmiseGO team published a post on Twitter that: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: