Vitalik Buterin Spoke About the Possible Switching Over to Google

Early April surprised us with the news of Vitalik Buterin’s to limit the number of issued coins of the Ethereum to 120 million. He believes that due to the innovation, the second cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization will be more "steadily developing" which will also increase the flow of investment in it. Recently it became known that the developer was offered a job in Google. Vitalik put up a post on his Twitter account with a screenshot of the message, where he was offered a job. The letter was sent by a Google employee Elizabeth Garcia. She wrote that the corporation would be happy to see Buterin as one of their working staff, so she is ready to make an offer for cooperation in the nearest future. Moreover, the post contained a poll for subscribers, which resulted in the following ratio: 59% for the fact that Buterin should not leave Ethereum and 41% do not mind him "changing the familiar environment." The twit was deleted after some time, as publishing the screenshot, the author accidentally revealed the sender's address, the newspaper writes. It is unlikely that Ethereum can exist without Buterin. This has already been proven in the past, when the mass media talked about the death of a developer in a car accident in the June of 2017. Publications of this kind were written with the reference to an  anonymous source 4chan. The news did not have time to spread in the media, as Buterin denied it after several hours. This had a negative impact on the capitalization of Ethereum, which declined by 4 billion dollars. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: