Visa Apologized for the Double Write-off of Commissions When Purchasing on Coinbase

The operator of payment cards Visa took responsibility for the double commission and erroneous write-off of funds from the accounts of Coinbase users, although earlier he fully denied his guilt.

Last week Coinbase users faced a serious problem. In the network, complaints about erroneous write-offs of commissions from credit and debit cards began to appear. Coinbase, after confirming these messages, completely shifted the responsibility to Visa, saying that the reason for double write-offs became mistakes in Visa operations. Thus, Coinbase completely took off responsibility for what happened.

In the interview with Financial Times, the representative of Visa also blamed Coinbase for mistake, saying that Visa “did not make any system changes that would lead to duplication of transactions reported by cardholders […], we also do not know other sellers facing this problem. “

However, in a short period of time, Visa unexpectedly denied what had been said before. A joint statement by Visa and Worldpay, published in the official Coinbase blog, says:

“Over the last few days, some Coinbase customers may have experienced additional charges and/or refunds when purchasing digital currency with a credit or debit card. We know this experience is frustrating. We are actively working with the card networks and processors to investigate these issues”.

The statement also pays attention to the fact that at the time of disclosure of information most of the erroneous transactions were canceled, and those users who continue to face this problem, need to contact the bank that issued the card.

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