Vinny Lingham is Clear About Bitcoin:
Significant part of crypto community, still cannot recover from the fall of the cryptocurrency, the rate of which is still in a red zone. According to the CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin, at the moment of writing the article, is set on at $3 747 per coin and still falling. But some representatives of crypto community have their own view about the situation on the market and predict their own price of Bitcoin. Vinny Lingham, an Internet entrepreneur, Co-founder and CEO of Civic, has answered to a few question of The Coin Shark, to clarify the situation on the market: Hello, Vinny. What do you think, will Bitcoin be able to overcome the $20 thousand mark next year? I took a $20k bet with Ronnie Moas in Vegas, last month. He predicted $28k by EOY 2019. I disagreed. I don’t think we see $20k for a while, at the very least 2020, but possibly even 2021. In your opinion, what is the problem with cryptocurrency at the moment? There is too much hype, and not enough substance, as well as too much focus on the technology and not enough focus on the business or consumer value add. Can Ethereum become the leader in 2019? It is possible, but unlikely unless they can fix the scaling issues and deal with the lack of consensus within their community. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: