View: Law Enforcement Officers are Not Likely to Receive Data on Crypto Wallets of Russians
The Minister of Digital Development of the Russian Federation, Maksut Shadaev, proposed a solution in which law enforcement agencies will be able to receive all information about citizens online. It is important to understand that at the moment, the police can get most of the information only upon request and only after a court decision made. Shadaev wants law enforcement officers to be able to see information about finances, mobile calls and site visits at any time. The head of the public organization RosKomSvoboda Artem Kozlyuk already commented on this initiative. He stated that it was still difficult to give any designations to this since this proposal was made during a closed meeting. But Artem thinks crypto investors and traders have nothing to worry about, as there are simply no regulatory mechanisms in the country. “If we talk about financial data, then access to banking transactions will most likely be more transparent for law enforcement agencies, but as for cryptocurrencies, I’m not sure that they can take them under control. This area continues to be in the gray zone and lawmakers are in no hurry to legalize cryptocurrencies. And without this, the access of security officials to such assets cannot be approved by normative acts.” Earlier we wrote that Dmitry Medvedev was interested in regulating digital currencies.